Support for Royal Victoria Sports Association from Hampshire County Council

With a new modern parking system at Royal Victoria Country Park set to begin operating on 18 June, Hampshire County Council has been working with Royal Victoria Sports Association to ensure fair access for those using the park regularly for members of the Sports Association

Jun 11 2018

Royal Victoria Country Park
Executive Member for Recreation and Heritage, Councillor Sean Woodward, said: “Parking charges have been in place at all of Hampshire’s country parks for many years and are used to contribute to the upkeep of the parks. However, we have found that in some of our country parks, approximately 60% of visitors were accurately paying for their stay. By installing modern parking technology we can ensure that all car park users contribute fairly. All revenue raised from car parking is reinvested in maintaining the parks.

“We very much value our visitors to the parks, and are particularly keen to encourage sport. So I’m very pleased we’ve found a way to ensure the new parking technology doesn’t impact disproportionately on members of the Royal Victoria Sports Association, who are not only regular visitors to the park, but play a role in the park community and help to maintain the land they use.”

To ensure fairness for all visitors, a new Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is being installed, making it easier for people to pay via chip and pin, contactless or through an app. Following customer feedback, a new parking band for up to three hours has been introduced for those visitors who want to stay longer than an hour, but not all day. 

Working together the County Council and the Sports Association have agreed to discount parking for sports users for a short period. During this time the parking system will be used to establish exactly how much parking is required by sports association users. This will help the two organisations to plan future arrangements which allow the sports association to continue their activities, while being fair to other users of the car parks.

Hampshire County Council is undertaking a major programme of once-in-a-generation investment to transform its country parks, and help them become self-sustaining for future generations to enjoy.

The current charges will not change with the introduction of the new parking system. Season tickets are available for regular users of the car parks, with a discount available to blue badge holders. These steps will bring Hampshire’s country parks in line with many others in the region.