Staying well during the snow and colder weather

With snow expected in Hampshire later today and into tomorrow, Councillor Patricia Stallard, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Public Health, is recommending a number of simple steps that we can all take to help stay well and keep warm

Jan 31 2019

people walking in snow

Councillor Stallard said: “As the county continues to experience some of the coldest weather of the winter so far, it is essential for residents to stay warm, especially older people, the very young, and those with long-term medical conditions. There are simple steps that everyone can take to keep themselves and their loved ones warm and well throughout the cold spell.”
Top tips include: 

  • Keep warm - heat your home to at least 18 degrees C (65F), if you can. If you can’t heat all the rooms you use, heat the living room during the day and your bedroom just before you go to bed
  • Eat well - food gives you energy, which helps to keep you warm, so try to have regular hot meals and hot drinks throughout the day
  • Seek advice and help from a pharmacist for common problems such as coughs, colds, childhood fever, aches and pains, before they get too serious. Find a pharmacist near you
  • Keep an eye on those individuals who are particularly vulnerable to suffering ill health in low temperatures, such as older people aged 75+ years and people with pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or diabetes
  • Make sure you get your repeat prescriptions in good time.

If anyone is worried about an elderly neighbour or relative, they should call Hampshire County Council’s Adults’ Health and Care team on 0300 555 1386, during the week in working hours (8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 4.30pm Friday), or call 0300 555 1373 out of hours and on weekends and Bank Holidays, or visit the web pages for more information:

For further information about keeping well this winter, visit NHS Stay Well.
For advice about travelling in snowy conditions, read the County Council’s press release about preparing Hampshire’s roads for snow and ice.