New fund for community organisations in Hampshire

A new Recreation and Heritage Community Fund of over £500,000 is being set up by Hampshire County Council to simplify the application process and open it up to a wider range of organisations

Jan 17 2019

The new fund was agreed by Councillor Seán Woodward, Executive Member for Recreation and Heritage. Councillor Woodward said: “The people of Hampshire get considerable benefit from engaging with cultural events and community activities, which are organised by community-based organisations that know their customers well. I am keen to continue supporting these organisations to provide projects that directly support their communities that need them most and to see them thrive. Also, for the first-time young people’s uniformed organisations such as Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts, as well as sports clubs, will be able to apply for funding.”


The Fund will replace four existing grant schemes so that local community organisations and projects will only need to apply to one funding scheme. An application form for the new fund will be made available on the County Council’s website shortly.


Cllr Woodward continued: “The new fund will allow us to think more creatively about how best to distribute the money we have to ensure we get the maximum benefit for residents through this new competitive process. I hope the fund will attract exciting applications from organisations who we don’t currently know about and who would benefit from extra support. However, we also want to safeguard the future of those organisations that most directly support the community and help them become more self-sustaining in the future.”  


The Recreation and Heritage Community Fund will make awards of up to £100,000 and support projects which provide community benefit and/or help organisations become self-supporting, thus reducing reliance on public sector funding in the long term. In addition, small one-off grants from £1,000 to £3,000 will also be awarded to help pump prime community events and activities.


For the full report on changes to grant funding, including a list of the organisations that currently receive Recreation and Heritage Fund grants, and the future plans made with each, please see the Decision Report