Working in partnership to improve Aldershot train station and the surrounding area

More than half a million pounds is being invested by Hampshire County Council to improve the forecourt of Aldershot train station and the roads surrounding it

Jan 18 2019

Councillor Rob Humby, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Transport, said: “This is an excellent example of real partnership working between the County Council and Rushmoor Borough Council to deliver much needed improvements to the centre of Aldershot which will benefit so many people.
“Proposed new housing development in Aldershot will mean more pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and those using public transport to and from the town on a daily basis. We are taking this opportunity to upgrade the roads around the train station and the forecourt itself to cope with this increased traffic and travel and aim to encourage people to make sustainable and active travel choices by improving local walking and cycling links.”

At his recent decision day, Councillor Humby agreed that the County Council would deliver highways improvements, working in partnership with Rushmoor Borough Council to carry out the scheme design for a total cost of £335,000 to be funded from the County Council’s Public Realm Improvement Fund and Developer Contributions. 

He also approved £217,000 of Developer Contributions to be transferred to Rushmoor Borough Council to implement the proposed improvements to the Aldershot Train Station Forecourt.  

Councillor Martin Tenant, Rushmoor Borough Council’s Cabinet member for Major Projects and Property, said: “The railway station forecourt has been identified as a priority site in need of improvement to help bring about the transformation of Aldershot town centre. We are delighted that, as the result of positive partnership working with the county council, the Local Enterprise Partnership, South Western Railway and Stagecoach, we are able to take forward proposals that will improve a key gateway into the town centre.
“This is just one of several ongoing projects we have for transforming Aldershot town centre.” 
Work to improve the road network around the train station and rejuvenate the station forecourt is due to start in Spring 2019 and due to be completed by late summer.

Highway improvements to the road network will include:

The Station Road/Arthur Street teardrop roundabout being converted to a priority junction allowing two-way traffic movements
A tiger crossing will be implemented just west of the train station access, which will give cyclists using the off-road cycle route priority travelling to and from the station. The changes will also provide a level surface and widened footways which aims to improve access to the station for those not getting there by car
The southern section of Arthur Street will be converted to two-way from Station Road to its junction with Windsor Way
Windsor Way from the Victoria Road junction to Arthur Street will be converted to two-way working
A new cycle route will be implemented from the A323 to Aldershot Train Station. The route will be on-road from the A323 through Pickford Street. 

The Train Station Forecourt Scheme will include:

Creating an improved public transport interchange within the forecourt of the train station
Improving pedestrian links into the town centre

For more information visit the scheme web pages: