Become Sugar Smart and reduce your children's sugar intake

Jan 25 2018

Sugar Swaps

Nationally, half of children’s sugar intake, currently around seven sugar cubes a day, comes from unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks.  Eating too much sugar can lead to serious health problems and painful tooth decay.
To help you reduce the amount of sugar your children consume and choose healthier snacks while shopping, ‘Look out for 100 calorie snacks, two a day max!’

Councillor Patricia Stallard, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Public Health, said: “In Hampshire, one in five children entering school is overweight or obese, and by the age of 10 to 11 years this rises to almost one in three. We know how difficult it can be to monitor the amount of sugar and fat we and our families really consume, so by supporting this campaign, we aim to help parents to make healthy eating choices.”

Registering for the Sugar Smart campaign is easy. On the Sugar Smart web pages you will find advice on purchasing healthier snacks as well as promotional offers on a range of healthier snacks, including fruit and vegetables at selected supermarkets.

Parents can also get money-off vouchers to help them try healthier snack options, including malt loaf, lower sugar fromage frais, and drinks with no added sugar.

Also, an updated Change4Life ‘Food Scanner’ app is available to help bring labels to life and show just how much sugar, salt and saturated fat is inside everyday snacks, foods and drinks.

Download the free app from the iTunes store or Google Play to help you make healthier choices.

The recommended sugar guidelines for children are:

• Children aged 4 to 6 years old should not have more than 19g of added sugar per day – that’s 5 cubes (based on 4g sugar cubes).
• Children aged 7 to 10 years old should have no more than 24g per day – that’s 6 cubes (based on 4g sugar cubes).
• From 11 years up, children should have no more than 30g per day – that’s 7 cubes (based on 4g sugar cubes).
• No more than 5 per cent of a person’s (from 2 years old and above) daily energy intake should come from sugar. This is a halving of the old recommendation.