Advance survey work on A30 Brighton Hill roundabout now underway

Hampshire County Council is now undertaking preliminary survey work on the Brighton Hill Roundabout improvement scheme in Basingstoke. The improvements are designed to increase capacity and reduce congestion at peak times on the A30. The main works are scheduled to begin in 2020.

Jan 4 2019

Councillor Rob Humby, Executive Member for Environment and Transport at Hampshire County Council, said: “This is the first part of work that needs to be done ahead of the main scheme. Once the scheme is finished it will not only ease congestion at busy times of day and improve safety but also provide people with more opportunities to walk and cycle, making day to day travel easier for local residents and commuters in the area.”

The survey work, which is needed to establish more precise locations of underground utility equipment, started with verges and footways on 2 January and will move on to the main carriageway on Monday 7 January for two weeks.  Overnight lane closures will be in place on Brighton Hill Roundabout and its approach arms between 10pm and 6am on week nights, from Monday 7 to Tuesday 22 January, for the safety of the workforce and the travelling public.

The Brighton Hill scheme is part of multi-million pound package of transport improvements in the Basingstoke area, which includes improvements on the A340 at the Thornycroft Roundabout / Aldermaston Road and the A33 at Popley Way, Crockford Roundabout, Ringway Junction, Binfields Roudabout and Taylors Farm Roundabout.

The improvements at Brighton Hill Roundabout have been proposed and designed by Hampshire County Council, and are jointly funded with the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership. Work is scheduled to begin on the main construction in 2020.  

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