School expansions a step closer in Basingstoke and Fleet

Jan 15 2018

Councillor Edgar said: “Staying ahead of the game is vital when it comes to providing school places for a rising population. We are committed to ensuring we have sufficient places at good quality schools for families all over Hampshire. These two expansions are great examples of what we are achieving with our countywide programme. Ours is one of the largest school expansion programmes in the country and by 2021, we will have created more than 17,500 new places at Hampshire schools. Over the next three years, our planned investment amounts to around £140 million.


“Our long experience of school building has given us invaluable, cost-effective methods to build schools, without compromising the quality of facilities. By taking account of projected development in local areas, we are able to allow for expansions that may be needed in future years, in our designs. The extension at Castle Hill’s Rooksdown Campus is something we planned right from the start; when the Campus itself was first designed.”


Castle Hill Primary

An eight-classroom extension is planned at Castle Hill Primary School’s Rooksdown Campus. This will allow for an additional reception class (two instead of one) and increase the school’s capacity from 210 to 420 pupils, at an estimated total cost of £3,510,000.


The school’s Rooksdown Campus, off Park Prewett Road, was built in 2015 in response to housing development, and was designed to be extended as the local population grew. With demand in the area rising, project proposals have now been developed for the school’s expansion. Councillor Edgar’s approval of the project enables the process of identifying a contractor to begin.


The new teaching and learning spaces at Castle Hill will include a music and drama room and two rooms for group work. Other facilities such as new staff offices and toilets will also be built, and improvements to the sports pitch and other outdoor areas will also be made.


Work is expected to begin during summer 2018 and completed in summer 2019.


Church Crookham Junior School

Proposals for Church Crookham Junior School include a re-organisation of the existing spaces as well as the extension which will provide two new classrooms, further teaching and group-work spaces, new toilets and a two-storey link between the two main buildings. There will also be outdoor improvements, such as increased parking, and improved access and security.


Currently, the school admits four classes of Year 3 pupils at the start of each academic year. This planned expansion, mainly in response to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks housing development, will allow for a five class entry into Year 3 and increase the school’s capacity from 480 to 600 pupils.


Work is expected to begin during summer 2018, for completion during spring 2019.