Response to Care Quality Commission review of Hampshire’s health and social care systems

The chair of Hampshire’s Health and Wellbeing Board, Councillor Liz Fairhurst, has welcomed the findings of the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) recent review of the county’s health and social care systems

Jun 25 2018

Councillor Fairhurst said: “The Care Quality Commission inspectors left Hampshire with a clear and unequivocal appreciation that staff, across all organisations, are determined, committed and caring, and that there is good practice in many aspects of what we do.

“The Commission recognised the complexity of our system compared to many other geographical areas, and the significant work already being undertaken across partner organisations to address many of the areas highlighted for improvement. We know there is much to do, and there is a clear commitment to continuing to work closely with one another, as well as our community, voluntary and independent sector providers, to improve our collective services for the benefit of Hampshire residents.”

The CQC report identified many areas of strength across Hampshire health and social care organisations.

These include:

• a consistent and shared purpose, vision and strategy across all organisations in support of people
• a strong understanding of the health and social care needs of Hampshire’s population
• good examples of inter-agency work at a strategic and operational level
• a commitment to providing opportunities for people receiving services and their representatives and carers to influence service development
• an advanced use of digital tools to provide support to people and to enable staff in different organisations to share information, reducing unnecessary duplication

Recommendations for improvements include streamlining the hospital discharge processes across Hampshire to support patients to leave hospital as quickly as possible once they are deemed medically fit to do so, improving the recruitment and retention of key groups of staff such as those who deliver home care, and exploiting opportunities to pool funding and join up services more consistently.

The findings of the review will be considered by the Health and Social Care Select Committee of Hampshire County Council on 10 July and discussed at the next meeting of the Hampshire Health and Wellbeing Board on 11 October 2018.

The local system review is one of twenty such reviews conducted by the Care Quality Commission across England to identify the strengths and areas for development in the way health and social care services are working together to support people over the age of 65.