Don’t Bottle it Up

This Alcohol Awareness Week, (13-19 November) Hampshire County Council is advising people to keep track of how much they are drinking

Nov 13 2017

Alcohol Awareness Week 2017

The new Don’t Bottle It Up online tool lets people work out how much alcohol they are drinking and how this affects their health.

Councillor Patricia Stallard, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Public Health, said: "With so many different drinks, bottles and glass sizes, it's easy to get confused about how much is too much. This new digital tool gives you an individual score that identifies how risky your drinking is.  For those who find they may be drinking more than they thought, Don’t Bottle It Up also offers free and confidential advice, as well as information on local support."

In response to new evidence on the risks to health posed by alcohol, the official advice on sensible drinking limits, is that both men and women should not drink more than 14 units a week, on a regular basis. They should also spread their drinking over three or more days, and if they want to cut down, to have several drink-free days each week. 
14 units of alcohol a week is the equivalent to drinking six pints of average-strength beer or less than a bottle and a half of wine (a 750ml bottle of red, white or rosé wine (ABV 13.5%) contains 10 units).

Hampshire information online - an estimated 26.5% of Hampshire residents drink above the safe recommended levels for alcohol each week. This represents about 283,000 people across the county. 15.8% of adults reported binge drinking on their heaviest drinking day (women more than six units, men more than eight units)
In 2015/16, there were approximately 6,500 hospital admissions in Hampshire, either as direct result of alcohol or where alcohol was a significant contributing factor.