County Council to explore alternative junction design for Eclipse Bus Rapid Transit extension in Gosport

Hampshire County Council will be investigating a potential alternative design for the next phase of the Eclipse BRT extension in Gosport which would retain the Rowner Road bridge

Nov 19 2018

At his recent decision day, Councillor Rob Humby, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Transport, agreed to explore the option of a potential alternative arrangement to the Rowner Road junction which retains the bridge and the existing, separated shared-use route for pedestrians and cyclists.  

Cllr Humby said: “We’ve listened to what local people had to say, and know that this shared-use route is well used. We’re now in a position where we can look into the viability of keeping the Rowner bridge at the southern end of the scheme, and I’m keen that this is investigated further.  
“We’ll look into this option, bearing in mind that any changes will still need to comply with the planning consent, and be affordable. The recently announced national funding from the Transforming Cities Fund for the wider Portsmouth area may provide this opportunity, should this option show that it has benefits. It would also need a parcel of land transferred from Gosport Borough Council, so there’s still quite a bit of work to be done before final decisions can be made.”  
“We have made a commitment to the people of Gosport to improve traffic and travel in South Hampshire. The Eclipse BRT busway is part of a £100 million plus package of road and travel improvements implemented by Hampshire County Council in recent years which is helping to generate investment to create much needed jobs for a growing population in Gosport. These improvements include the newly opened Newgate Lane South with Peel Common Roundabout and the other improvements to the A27.”  

 The design for the majority of the approved busway extension would remain unchanged, with only the ramped connection at the southern section of the route realigned to connect to Rowner Road immediately east of the bridge.  

The 0.9km southern extension to the Gosport Eclipse Busway is between Hutfield Link/Tichborne Way to Rowner Road.

Once complete, First Hampshire and Dorset will invest in a new fleet of seventeen low-emission buses as well as introducing a new Eclipse Extra service to the nearby Daedalus Enterprise Zone.  

Our Contractor Colas is currently undertaking the removal of vegetation along the route of the busway. This work is expected to be completed by 23 November 2018.  

Access is being maintained along Henry Cort Way while the clearance work is carried out.  

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