Giant steps forward at Brockhurst Primary

A complete turnaround in Brockhurst Primary School’s fortunes has been achieved since the infant and junior school amalgamated to become an all through primary school in 2015, with the quality of education improving at a dramatic rate

Nov 22 2018

Cllr Reid at Brockhurst Primary School with HT Gary Nicholls (hero image)
“It’s a remarkable feat” - that’s the view of Councillor Stephen Reid, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Education and Skills, Human Resources and Performance, after he visited the school recently. He continued: “The level of care towards individual children is extraordinary. I saw clear evidence of Mr Gary Nicholls, the headteacher, and his team going the extra mile to ensure that all children benefit from good quality education.”

As the quality of education has improved this has led to significant improvements in children’s attainment as demonstrated by the outcomes in the National Curriculum assessments. The proportion of children meeting age related expectations in reading, writing and mathematics has more than doubled in the past two years – from 27 per cent in 2016 to 61 per cent in 2018.
Councillor Reid added: “This is an impressive achievement and one that the school can continue to build on. This shows that when a school has high aspirations for its pupils, that can be translated into high achievement, especially when there is a good partnership with the parents.” 

Headteacher, Gary Nicholls, said: “I am really proud of the staff and all the children at this school who, together, work really hard and give of their best. We have focused on securing high quality teaching and ensuring no child is being left behind. That focus is what leads to better outcomes.

“We remain determined to do all that we can to continue to drive up the quality of educational achievement. The children never cease to amaze me with their enthusiasm for learning and it is our responsibility to build on that and enable them to do the best they can. Each child is an individual, and we strive to keep that at the forefront of our minds and to encourage each of them to make the most of their own abilities.

“Our improvement journey continues and in this we are fortunate in having a very effective and supportive governing body; as well as being able to call on the expertise of school improvement professionals at the County Council, when support is needed.

“I am also extremely grateful to the partnership that we have with our parents. Their commitment and the role that they play in helping their children to achieve is invaluable.”