Hampshire County Council to launch new recruitment venture for temporary agency staff with Kent County Council

A new and innovative joint venture, has been announced by the County Council to recruit temporary agency staff into a wide range of roles across the Authority to meet the growing demand for services, particularly in social care

Sep 18 2018

Joining forces with Commercial Services Kent Ltd (CSKL), a trading company owned by Kent County Council, the new agency will enable Hampshire to better manage and control the sourcing and retention of skilled, high quality, temporary agency staff.

Leader of Hampshire County Council, Councillor Roy Perry, said: “In common with local authorities across the country, Hampshire is facing unprecedented demand for services, particularly in adult and children’s social care. As this grows, so our need to recruit temporary staff to supplement our permanent workforce increases, but the challenges of doing so are significant. This is mainly due to a buoyant local jobs market with intense competition for good quality staff, as well as the perceived lack of access by temporary workers to training, development and the many benefits associated with working ‘in-house’.

“By creating what is effectively our own in-house agency, drawing on the expertise of our partners in Kent who have a similar set-up locally, our aim is to attract and retain good temporary staff over a longer period. In doing so, we would hope that many will take the opportunity to convert to permanent employment with us, which we would welcome.

“Through the launch of this agency, we will ensure a more cost effective solution to providing the good quality care Hampshire residents deserve.”

Chief Executive Officer of CSKL, John Burr, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Hampshire in their aim to attract and retain good quality temporary staff. This joint endeavour is very much building on the good work that Hampshire and Kent have both done over recent years and combining that with Hampshire’s local supporting agencies, who will have a significant role to play going forwards. This is an innovative solution that will deliver significant benefit to the residents of Hampshire”.

While the agency will be responsible for the recruitment of temporary agency staff across roles within the County Council, from specialist IT staff to general admin support roles, there will be a particular focus on recruiting into social care, where significant demand for additional staff to plug gaps on a temporary basis is most evident.

Work to progress the project has now begun, with the agency expected to open for business in April 2019.