Working together to shorten road closures

Hampshire County Council is minimising roadwork disruption in Fordingbridge and Bramshaw by coordinating highway improvement works with other agencies, such as water and electricity suppliers and local authorities

Aug 22 2016

Operation Resilience, Hampshire County Council's multi-million pound road investment programme, has planned a number of different resurfacing and drainage improvement schemes in the two areas in September and October. Thanks to careful coordination with Bournemouth Water, SSE and Wiltshire Council, road closures will be kept to a minimum as organisations work on site at the same time.

Hampshire County Council's Executive Member for Environment and Transport, Councillor Rob Humby, said:

Hampshire County Council is one of the top performing county councils when it comes to highways maintenance, and recognised by Government for its best practice. Coordinating roadworks with other utility companies and authorities means routes are only shut once, instead of a number of times.This efficient way of working limits disruption to local residents and businesses - supporting the local economy and people's quality of life.

Operation Resilience, Wiltshire Council, Bournemouth Water and SSE will be in the following areas:

  • A338 - Wiltshire Council will be closing the A338 from its junction with C12, Nunton, to its junction with Church Lane, Charlton All Saints, from Thursday 8 September to Friday 16 September for resurfacing, drainage and associated works
  • Ringwood Road, Fordingbridge - overnight closure from Saturday 17 September to Sunday 18 September for resurfacing by Operation Resilience (scheduled over the weekend to avoid any clash with Wiltshire's work above)
  • Salisbury Street, Fordingbridge - the road will be closed from Monday 19 September to Wednesday 12 October to allow for drainage improvement works. Bournemouth Water and SSE will also be working in Salisbury Street from 3 October to 7 October for new service connections
  • Roger Penny Way, Bramshaw - this road will be closed to all traffic from Thursday 13 October to Monday 17 October, and overnight from Tuesday 18 October to Friday 21 October, for concrete channel repairs and resurfacing by Operation Resilience.

Operation Resilience