You didn’t start smoking alone so don’t quit alone

If your New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking, make sure you team up with a partner, friend or workmate to increase your chances of succeeding. That is the message of a new Hampshire County Council-backed Quit4life campaign which highlights how important it can be to get your smoking partners on board

Dec 20 2018

Councillor Patricia Stallard, Executive Member for Public Health at Hampshire County Council, said, “Whoever you regularly smoke with, it makes sense to team up so that you can motivate and encourage each other to stick to the quit plan. If those around you are still smoking it makes it all the harder to go it alone and avoid the social triggers that make you reach for a cigarette.”

Evidence shows that people are more likely to quit with specialist support. In 2017 the Hampshire stop smoking service, Quit4Life, helped 2,800 people to quit. Statistics relating to Hampshire reveal that last year smoking killed 5,537 people and 10,354 people were admitted to hospital with a smoking related illness.

The County Council is urging smokers to take advantage of the local stop smoking service Quit4life, make a quit plan and give up for good in 2019. Quit4life can also help smokers to quit using e-cigarettes which are now the most popular stop smoking aid in England and are particularly effective when combined with expert support from a stop smoking service.

For more information, visit Quit4life.