Planning for Botley’s Future

As Eastleigh Borough Council publishes the agenda and reports for its next round of planning decisions, Hampshire County Council’s Leader, Councillor Roy Perry, sets out the County Council’s reasons for seeking planning permission for a new school and housing around Botley, and how this affects proposals for a new bypass.

Jan 21 2019

Councillor Roy Perry, Leader of Hampshire County Council, explained: “I was disappointed to learn that the £10million award from Homes England towards the costs of a new bypass at Botley, announced last year, may only be available in the form of a repayable loan, and not as a direct grant as we had expected.

“This means that the bypass will be almost entirely dependent on capital funding from Hampshire County Council if it is to go ahead in the near future as we would like. 

“Without access to Government, Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) or Homes England grant funding, the only realistic source of funding would be from the proceeds of developing County Council owned land, as identified in the draft Eastleigh Local Plan for new housing.

“The proceeds from the development of this land would not only be used to support the provision of the new school to meet existing needs, as well as any growth. It would also contribute to the costs associated with building a new bypass.

“Therefore, in order to fund the bypass and the school, we would need to use the proceeds from housing development on County Council land.  We recognise that the school and the bypass are much needed community assets but without other funding, they can only be delivered alongside this housing development. As such, there are difficult decisions to be made, which is why the views of the local community will be important.”

The next step will be the planning decisions by Eastleigh Borough Council on proposals on the school and housing at Woodhouse Lane, and housing north of Winchester Street.