Final decision on Fort Hill and Cranbourne amalgamation

Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Education is to make a final decision (19 June 2017), on whether or not to close Fort Hill Community School (FHCS) and amalgamate it with Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College (CBEC).

Jun 13 2017

The recommendation being made to the Cabinet Member, is to bring both schools together as one, following the publication of a statutory Public Notice in March. This set out a County Council proposal to discontinue Fort Hill Community School, including its Learning Difficulties Resource, and set up new provision for its students at Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College.

Councillor Peter Edgar, the County Council’s Executive Member for Education, commented, “I will be giving all responses to the Public Notice my full consideration before making a final decision. I shall also be mindful of the feedback received following the public consultation held earlier this year. This will be done in conjunction with my review of the facts about the school’s current status and its future prospects.”

The County Council’s proposal, to join the two schools together, is being recommended in order to address two key issues:

• decreasing numbers of children attending the school and the impact of that on Fort Hill’s finances and, in turn, its ability to offer students a full and varied curriculum; and
• the current underperformance of the school.

If Councillor Edgar agrees the recommendation, the two schools would be amalgamated on the Cranbourne site as the Fort Hill site is not large enough to accommodate a combined school for Years 7 to 11.

Councillor Edgar will consider the recommendation and make a final decision on 19 June 2017, at 2pm.