New sports hall for Fleet school to be built following funding boost

A new sports hall will be built at Calthorpe Park School in Fleet, thanks to a contribution of nearly £2m from Hampshire County Council, as part of a partnership with Hart District Council

Mar 9 2017

Calthorpe Park School

The County Council’s Leader, Councillor Roy Perry, approved the County Council’s share of capital funding for the project at his Executive Member for Policy and Resources Decision Day today (9 March).

Councillor Perry said: “The health and education of Hampshire’s children is of the utmost importance, which is why we’re delighted to work in partnership with Hart District Council to ensure sporting facilities at Calthorpe Park School are fit for the future. A 1970s outdated leisure centre is currently on the site, and will be replaced by a new modern sports hall exclusively for school use, which will be more efficient and compact and help pupils lead active healthy lives. This is an excellent example of our two local authorities working together to provide improved and modern facilities for residents in Hampshire.”

The new sports hall will be built by Hart District Council, with £1.875m funding from the County Council and up to the same amount match-funded by the District Council.

Councillor Stephen Parker, Leader of Hart District Council, said: “We welcome the decision of the County Council to commit to the partnership, and the joint funding of the new sports hall for the school. This will be in addition to the new community leisure centre we are building nearby to replace the outdated existing facility on the school site and makes best use of Hart’s recent experience of this kind of contract. Both are significant investments in modern sports and leisure facilities for Fleet residents. Our Cabinet is due to be considering a report in relation to the project on 6 April.

The new sports hall is planned to be completed in the spring of 2018 to meet the school’s current and future needs. Pupil numbers at Calthorpe Park have recently grown with 300 more places, and a further expansion is being considered to meet predicted population growth. Demolition of the existing redundant leisure centre will provide an ideal site for extension to the school, if and when necessary.

Hart District Council will oversee the management of the sports hall project. Building work by the District Council on the new Hart Leisure Centre, which will be available for public use, is nearing completion on a site nearby.