Planning application for Botley Bypass agreed

Hampshire County Council’s proposed scheme to build a new bypass around Botley has been granted formal planning approval - bringing the realisation of this important local scheme a step closer.

Nov 17 2017

With an estimated construction cost of £26million, Government funding will be needed to go ahead. Now that planning consent has been granted, the County Council will be in a position to submit formal funding applications to the Government, for consideration.

Botley bypass will be a brand new 1.8 kilometre single carriageway road that will pass through the north and east of the village to reduce through traffic, congestion, noise and vibration levels through the centre of Botley.

Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Transport, Councillor Rob Humby, said: “This is a significant milestone and great news for the residents of Botley. The Bypass has been a long-standing ambition in the area, and planning permission brings it another step closer to reality. The Bypass will significantly improve the quality of life for local residents by removing queuing through traffic out of the village. It will also make a significant contribution to air quality, as traffic bypasses the village.”  

The proposed Bypass will divert traffic from the main A334 through Botley, north from Maypole roundabout onto an improved Woodhouse Lane, and then south east onto the new Bypass running to the south of the railway line - which would then re-join the A334 at the junction near to Pinkmead Farm. Approximately 80% of traffic currently passing through Botley is non-local through traffic. The through traffic will be encouraged to divert onto the Bypass. This will provide the opportunity for significant improvements in the High Street, which will be based around a traffic calming scheme.

Hampshire County Council held three public exhibitions during the summer 2016, to showcase plans for the proposed Botley Bypass, as well as displaying plans in the local library. Over 730 local residents attended the exhibitions and 501 questionnaires were completed – of which 82 per cent supported the principal that Botley should have a Bypass.

Councillor Humby continued: “Given the significant transport benefits and improvements to air quality which this scheme would bring, together with the expectation that the Chancellor will continue and increase Government investment in transport and measures to tackle air quality, I’m hopeful that this scheme will find favour.”