Redbridge Viaduct – on the road to repair

Hampshire County Council’s essential repair work to the A35 Redbridge Viaduct is well underway and on schedule

Nov 17 2017

Redbridge night

The westbound A35 Redbridge Viaduct was closed for two consecutive weekends to start replacing the joints and stop water leaking into the concrete supports underneath. This will enable the County Council to keep this vital road link open to Southampton and the Waterside.

So far, thirteen expansion joints which lay across the bridge have been replaced, along with two thirds of a longitudinal joint that runs along the entire length of the bridge. This leaves only eight more expansion joints and the remaining third of the longitudinal joint to complete in February 2018. As well as the bridge repairs, Hampshire’s highways teams used the closure to resurface one lane of the A35 between the viaduct and Rushington roundabout, clear the drains, clean the road signs and cut back weeds and grass on the verges.

The County Council will return on Saturday 3 February 2018 (weather permitting) to finish replacing the joints and resurface the second lane of the A35 from Rushington Roundabout to the structure. However, in the mean time, one lane of the westbound A35 will be coned off on Friday 17 November from 9am to 3pm, to allow a mature tree to be felled. An inspection that took place during the road closure has found that the inside of the tree has decayed and requires immediate felling for safety reasons.

Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Transport, Councillor Rob Humby, said: “We have been able to complete a substantial number of repairs on the Viaduct thanks to the short road closures. I would like to thank people for their patience while we did this. Repair work to the Redbridge Viaduct is vital if it is to remain open, and we don’t take a decision to close such a major route lightly - which is why it was closed at night and on a Sunday, when it is much quieter.

“We have scheduled in a further five weekend closures starting in February 2018. However, as work has progressed so well, and ahead of programme, it is unlikely that we will need to close the road for all of these dates.

Redbridge Causeway is made up of four concrete bridges, built between 1930 and 1966. They have been eroded by their marine location, and are in urgent need of repair if weight restrictions or lane restrictions are to be avoided in future.

The County Council has committed £2million for immediate repairs to the reinforced concrete supports to stop leaks through the bridge expansion joints.

Weather permitting, work will continue in February and March 2018. As before, the road will be closed at 8pm on Saturday and open at 5am on Monday:

  • A35 Westbound closed at 8pm on Saturday 3 February to 5am on Monday 5 February
  • A35 Westbound closed at 8pm on Saturday 10 February to 5am on Monday 12 February
  • A35 Westbound closed at 8pm on Saturday 17 February to 5am on Monday 19 February
  • A35 Westbound closed at 8pm on Saturday 24 February to 5am on Monday 26 February
  • A35 Westbound closed at 8pm on Saturday 3 March to 5am on Monday 5 March

Following completion of all of the Phase 1 works to the bridge expansion joints, two further closures will be required to resurface the carriageway on the westbound lanes of the bridge itself. As the dates for this work cannot be programmed until all of Phase 1 is complete, this will be confirmed nearer the time.