It’s Meals on Wheels Week 5-9 November – find out more about the Hampshire service – now available to younger adults

Hampshire County Council has started a new Meals on Wheels Service, offering hot meals to adults aged 18+ who have difficulty preparing food, and managing and maintaining nutrition

Nov 5 2018

Delivered by Meals on Wheels provider apetito, the service is now available to young and older adults, including those who have dementia, a learning disability, a mental health issue, a history of substance misuse, or a physical disability.

Councillor Liz Fairhurst, Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Health, said: “Meals on Wheels offers a vital lifeline for many Hampshire residents. Traditionally the service is associated with older people, but we know that good nutrition is vital to adults of all ages and that is why we now offer the choice of a hot meal or afternoon tea to anyone over the age of 18 who needs support to live independently in their own community.  

“In addition to the meals’ nutritional value, which is so important to good physical and mental health, the Meals on Wheels visit is sometimes the only social interaction a person may have all day – in this way, the service also plays a valuable role in helping to prevent social isolation.”

The County Council’s Meals on Wheels service delivers a two course hot lunchtime meal, with the additional option of afternoon tea. Meals on Wheels drivers are trained to carry out a wellbeing check in addition to the delivery of the meal. This ensures that wellbeing and safety concerns are identified and action taken in a timely way. Drivers report concerns to the relevant Hampshire County Council team or call for emergency services where necessary. 

The current cost is £4.67 for a daily two course meal and £3.25 for afternoon tea. 

Those who receive the Meals on Wheels service have been assessed as having a need for support to manage and maintain nutrition.

Further information is available at