Concerns about the New Harlington Centre and the impact on Fleet Library

As plans to build a new Harlington Centre in Fleet progress, Hampshire County Council has raised concerns over the lack of consultation with Fleet Library, which sits alongside the existing Centre

Oct 12 2018


Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Recreation and Heritage, Councillor Seán Woodward, said: “Fleet Library is an integral part of the existing Harlington Centre, as well as the local community, and any plans to rebuild it will clearly have an impact on the existing library, staff and our customers during construction.


“To date, the County Council has enjoyed a strong working relationship with Fleet Town Council. Whilst we were aware of Fleet Town Council’s ambitions to redevelop or rebuild the existing Harlington Centre, we were not consulted about the impact of the construction and the new building on the Library before the planning application was submitted.


“Fleet library is one of our busiest libraries and we want to ensure our customers are still able to access our services. If the building project goes ahead, we will need to seriously assess our options on how we can do this, with access, dust and noise posing a real problem. One of the options could be to close the library during the construction of the proposed new Harlington Centre.


“In order to maintain this much loved local library, we urge Fleet Town Council to work cooperatively with us to help determine how we can limit the impact on our library customers and the community.”