Primary school children asked to show how small changes can make a big difference to air quality

Primary Schools around Fareham and Gosport are getting involved in a design competition to promote the importance of good air quality to drivers in their area

Oct 17 2017

The competition asks pupils to create images about what clean air means to them and how everyone can think about small changes that could make a big difference to air quality. The winning designs will be made into lamp post banners and displayed along the A32. Students at the schools will be asked to design a banner with messages to encourage people to do things differently to help improve local air quality such as: cycling, scooting, walking or running; using public transport, turning off engines when stationary or car sharing.

Councillor Rob Humby, Executive Member for Environment and Transport at Hampshire County Council said, “We all have a role to play in helping improve air quality and this competition is a great opportunity for young people to think about how small actions by individuals can make a big difference to the community.

“Pupils are able to produce creative designs to really get them thinking about how they can help make drivers more aware of the importance of good air quality and what they can do to reduce pollution; many of these primary school children scoot, cycle or walk to school already.”

The competition, which is being run by Friends of the Earth, in conjunction with Hampshire County Council as part of its My Journey campaign and Fareham and Gosport Environmental Health Partnership, will be run in schools until the October half term holiday. Schools will then have time to gather and post their designs, and entries will be received by Friends of the Earth until 8 November. Winning entries will be announced by the end of November and banners will be displayed from January 2018.