Be smart with your smartphone

Be smart with your smartphone and be alert at the roadside is Hampshire County Council’s message to young people in a new social media campaign as they start the new academic year

Sep 20 2017


Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Transport, Councillor Rob Humby, said, “Learning to be safe on the roads is an important lesson for everyone, whatever their age.  This particular campaign aims to reach young people as they go back to school and college, to remind them to stay alert when crossing the road, and warn that letting their attention be drawn to music, games or messages on their smartphones can have serious consequences.”

Through posts on Facebook, Instagram and Google Display, the County Council will be reminding young people that making phone calls, sending messages, playing music, games or streaming video are all distractions when at the roadside.

The new campaign supports Hampshire County Council’s StreetSense programme which is aimed at 11-16 year olds. This age group has one of the highest pedestrian casualty rates of all age groups in Hampshire. Worldwide, road accidents are the biggest killer of teens.

Young people at more than half of Hampshire’s secondary schools have been involved with the County Council’s StreetSense campaign since its launch in 2012, with assemblies, workshops and theatre events arranged throughout the year to engage young people.

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