County Council allocates £1.35 million to tackle flooding in Romsey

Hampshire County Council has confirmed it will allocate funding in principle for a package of works around Romsey to help mitigate the impact of flooding

Sep 26 2017

Councillor Rob Humby, Executive Member for Environment and Transport at Hampshire County Council, said: “During the winter of 2013/14, a number of businesses and homes were affected by flooding, and we’ve been working with the Environment Agency, Test Valley Borough Council, and local flood action groups to develop a permanent flood scheme for Romsey to reduce this risk in the future.”

During the flooding that winter, 36 residential properties and 44 commercial properties were flooded. 

Councillor Humby continued: “The measures we’ve developed will better protect over 150 properties in the event of such flooding in the future. I’m pleased to be say we are now in a position where a great deal of planning work has been completed, contributions from partners have been secured and we can submit a business case to the Government for the final part of the funding we need to start work on the ground next year.

“We continue to work closely with Southern Water and our partners at the Environment Agency on securing a funding package to progress the works in Winchester Road on improving the underground pipes there.”

Romsey residents and businesses are being invited to a public exhibition in Crosfield Hall in Romsey which will run from 11th – 14th October where plans for the scheme will be on show.

David Martin, Flood & Coastal Risk Team Leader at the Environment Agency added: “The Environment Agency is committed to reducing the flood risk in Romsey and we have been leading on work with Hampshire County Council and Test Valley Borough Council to develop a project to make this possible. The project represents a significant investment in infrastructure for the town and will cost over £4m. We are supporting the project with £1.7m of government funding, which will be combined with £807,000 in Local Levy from the Regional Flood and Coastal Committee and the investments from Hampshire County Council and Test Valley Borough Council. We expect to start work on the ground in spring 2018.”

The proposals include a range of interventions, including a river flow control structure, earth embankments, drainage improvements, raised kerbs, additional culverts, sluice gates and overland flow route and an overflow pipe under the existing A27. 

Deputy Leader of Test Valley Borough Council, Councillor Nick Adams-King, said: “We are pleased to have contributed financially towards this scheme. Without local funding it would not have been possible for it to proceed.”

The main risk of flooding in Romsey is from the River Test. As a chalk river, the Test is influenced by high groundwater levels in the underlying chalk during prolonged heavy rainfall. Surface water flooding can occur when the highways drainage network becomes overwhelmed with intense and heavy rainfall or when the ground is saturated from previous rainfall.

The public exhibition will be open:
Wednesday 11 October: 1pm-4pm
Thursday 12 October: 10am-1pm
Friday 13 October: 4pm – 8pm
Saturday 14 October: 10am – 1pm