Safety first at Winchester’s Cart and Horses junction

Progress on initiatives to improve safety and pedestrian access at the A33/B3047 Cart and Horses junction in Winchester are set to be considered and reviewed by Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Transport, Councillor Rob Humby, at a meeting on 19 September.

Sep 13 2017

The report, published this week details new proposals to install street lighting and CCTV at the junction,  and provides an update on progress with the proposal to reduce the speed limit there from 50mph to 40mph, which was agreed earlier this year.

Councillor Humby explained: “We’ve heard concerns from residents, the local county councillor, and the local MP about this junction, and in line with previous commitments I made, as well as carrying out a safety improvement scheme last year, we have been exploring a raft of further potential measures to help improve the operation of this junction. In our capacity as the local Highway Authority, road safety is always our top priority, and we will continue to do all we can, with the resources we have available, to put in measures where evidence shows these will improve safety across the County.  In respect of the Cart and Horses junction, we have already agreed to progress a legal reduction of the speed limit to 40mph, and the report also updates on progress with the legal and other processes involved.”

Hampshire County Council installed a new safety scheme at the junction in 2016, principally addressing the issue of vehicles waiting to turn right off the A33 onto the B3047 London Road. Speed surveys undertaken since October 2016 show average speeds have reduced to a level where a permanent speed limit reduction can be considered, which is not unreasonably dependent on enforcement.  The proposals to install street lighting and CCTV, if approved, will be subject to further local and key stakeholder engagement.