#ServingHampshire residents share their stories

We would like to give a very big hand to all of the Hampshire residents who have become stars of the screen to share their stories with us this winter

Dec 21 2017


Dozens of people from all walks of life, young and old, have given up their time to feature in our series of 60 second videos called #ServingHampshire, to help illustrate the difference County Council services are making to them.

They include four year-old Henry (pictured) who tells us why he thinks it’s good to walk to school with the help of our ‘Streets Ahead’ training programme, and elderly couple Stan and Mary, who are among thousands of people we support to live independently in their own homes.

We meet Parish Lengthsman Jason, who is doing the small jobs that are having a big impact on Hampshire communities, and we join school children on their journey to a watercress farm to discover where ingredients for their school meals are grown.

Volunteers who do such amazing work reveal what motivates them to give so much to their communities, and we watch what must be one of the biggest tuba classes in the county to meet some of the children hitting the high notes through Hampshire Music Service tuition./p>

These and more #ServingHampshire videos can all be seen on our Facebook, Twitter,   Instagram pages.