Joining forces to tackle fly tipping in Hampshire

Why we should all be aware of our duties

Jan 26 2018


Fly tipping is a crime that affects us all, whether it is unwanted items dumped in fields or rivers that spoil our countryside, the clear up costs, or potentially hazardous materials ending up in public places.

There are no excuses for fly tipping and we all have a part to play in helping to keep Hampshire clean and tidy. We’re taking this issue very seriously and we’ve joined forces to work with a wide range of partners so we can use our resources together to eradicate the issue. The partnership is looking to use increased prosecution, improved reporting and education to make a difference.

As part of this tougher approach, our Trading Standards officers are seeking to crack down on bogus waste disposal companies and rogue traders who are dumping waste on public and private land.

We all need to make sure we as householders and businesses are aware of our responsibilities and duty of care, so that we are not landed with a large fine, as well as the fly tippers, if it’s our rubbish that ends up in a lay-by.

Action will be taken against any householders or businesses who illegally dispose of their waste, or those who cannot show that they took reasonable steps to ensure their waste was collected by a registered waste service firm.

We’re also making online reporting easier, so residents, businesses and landowners know who to report fly tipping to, so it can be cleaned up as quickly as possible. This will help us get a clear idea of what is being fly tipped, when and where, so we can work with the police and courts to get a true picture of the damage it is causing and the real costs to businesses and the community. Find out more about fly tipping, how to report it, your responsibilities as an individual, or as a business, and the action being taken.