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Have you ever thought about being a school governor?

Jan 26 2018

School governors

You don’t need to be an expert in education to volunteer as a school governor. You don’t need to be a parent either. Schools across Hampshire are seeking to fill vacancies on their Governing Bodies so that they can continue to maintain high standards of education.

Betty Read has been a Local Authority Governor for over 12 years, bringing with her skills from a career in law. She said: “I have no previous experience of school governance but personally, and as a parent, I have seen the power of education to change lives and wanted to play some role in providing these opportunities to others. It is very rewarding to see the impact of our policies and strategic decisions on outcomes for pupils and on the wider school community.”

School governors

Betty’s message to others considering becoming a governor is: “Do it! It’s fun. Do not worry that you do not know anything about education – you will learn. In my experience governing bodies are very supportive to newcomers, really happy to share their knowledge and never think that a question is ‘stupid’ – none of us are experts. You will get lots of training opportunities.”

Governors can become involved in a range of school matters, which can include recruitment, finance and curriculum. They also provide a strong link between the school and the local community, and an independent view to support the school on long term development and improvement.

Betty said: “Everyone has something to offer from their own life: experiences which will be valuable – you don’t need to be a lawyer, teacher or accountant, or to be employed at all, to be able to do this role; it’s not all about reading papers.  All Governors contribute in different ways.”

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