Find traders you can trust

With so many traders out there, it can be a headache trying to find someone you can trust

Mar 27 2018

Buy With Confidence

There are so many traders out there. No wonder it can be such a headache trying to find someone you can trust, who will also do a good job without breaking the bank.

While rogue traders are only a small minority, unfortunately some consumers will fall prey to these bad businesses and it can be a costly mistake.

It is also estimated that legitimate businesses lose out on billions of pounds of trade every year, when consumers use the wrong companies and get conned.

Buy With Confidence is Hampshire County Council’s online directory where you can find local trustworthy traders who are Trading Standards Approved.

Buy With Confidence is a great way to find trustworthy, reliable traders for all sorts of jobs. And, by supporting the scheme, you’re helping protect your community from the dishonest businesses.

There are hundreds of businesses on its website, from builders and plumbers to mechanics and gardeners. Trading Standards assess and visit every single one, checking their background, compliance with the law, insurance and (where they visit your home) whether they have a criminal record. So there’s plenty of choice and you’re guaranteed to find someone you can trust.

As a customer of a Buy With Confidence member you also get the reassurance of support and advice from qualified Trading Standards personnel in the event of a problem or a dispute.

Buy With Confidence offers more than personal opinion and hearsay – all traders are rigorously vetted to make sure they meet high standards. For the traders you’ll use again and again, visit the Buy with Confidence website.

It’s more than just a website…

For anyone who does not have easy access to the internet there’s also a hard copy directory containing adverts, pre-shopping advice and a list of contact telephone numbers for all members. To order your free copy email the team at or phone 01962 833620.