Making waves – our ice maiden Kate

March’s icy wintry blasts from the East had most of us reaching for fluffy, warm knits and seeking warmth by the fire

Mar 27 2018

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Not so for ice maiden Kate Steels- Fryatt, who was risking hypothermia swimming in the rivers of the Itchen, the Hamble, Andark Lake and the sea at Lee-on-the-Solent.

Kate is in training for her mission to secure a place in the history books by becoming the first Briton to swim an ice mile in seven continents. It’s a challenge clearly not for the faint hearted.

Outside of her day job as a Project Manager and Armed Forces Lead for Hampshire County Council, Kate’s extreme challenge is to swim a mile in waters of five degrees Celsius or under, including one at zero degrees Celsius.

She already has four of the swims under her belt, locally at Swanwick, Norway, Moscow and China, and now has her sights set on the remaining ice miles in North America, New Zealand and South America.

Kate Steels- Fryatt

“I’m determined to complete the ICE 7 as it will be a big personal accomplishment, both physically as well as mentally,” said Kate.

“I completed the Ice zero in China at Christmas which was the toughest swim I have ever done. I really enjoy swimming in such unique environments and demonstrating that with the right training and support, people can achieve what they set their minds to.”

As well as completing the ICE 7, Kate hopes to compete in the 2019 International Ice Swimming Association World Championships, where swimmers from up to 30 countries will compete.

Kate, who is the Chairman of International Ice Swimming Association Great Britain, said: “I hope to see the popularity and reach of ice swimming continue to grow, and recognised as an Olympic winter sport in the future.”