Pupils vie for chance to have their dishes served on the school menu

Nov 10 2017

Children cooking

Pupils are being encouraged to design a healthy two-course meal, with the winner having the prestige of their meal being served on their school menu for a day, in a competition that is one of the highlights of National School Meals Week in Hampshire (13-17 November).

The week focusses on all that’s great about school meals in Hampshire’s primary schools. School meals prepared by HC3S are healthy and nutritious and meet the Government’s School Food Plan, and children need the right balance of food and nutrients to develop, grow and ‘flourish’.

HC3S will highlight to pupils, schools and parents the importance of having a nutritious lunch. A variety of fun activities to get people talking about school meals have been developed, kicking off with a competition for primary school pupils to design a meal using the Eatwell guide.

The guide is used to help get a balance of healthier and more sustainable food.  It shows how much of what you eat overall should come from each of the following food groups; fruit and vegetables, dairy and alternatives, starchy carbohydrates, proteins, and oil and spreads. Pupils will be encouraged to design a two-course meal. Entrants from each school have the opportunity to enter a competition and the winners have the prestige of their meal being served on their school menu for a day. Key stage 2 winners will also receive a free meal and Key stage 1 winners will receive a small prize, as they are already entitled to a free school meal .

A seasonal BINGO game will be added to the resources HC3S launched during British Food Fortnight.  The bingo game highlights when fruit and vegetables grow in the different seasons, so the game will encourage children to learn about when food is grown, in a fun environment. The game is available for schools to print and use for healthy eating assemblies, or as a classroom activity.

It’s also the return of the #cookeditmyselfie campaign from LACA (Lead Association for Catering in education). School staff, parents and pupils are being encouraged to take part, as well as our catering staff, to demonstrate their talents.  All you need to do is to encourage a photo and a tweet of great school meals. Why not join in? Tweet your entries to @NSMW using the #cookeditmyselfie. The winner receives £500 worth of prizes for their school.

Plus, our staff are taking a smoothie bike to selected schools across Hampshire to encourage some pedal power, getting pupils thinking about healthy eating and exercise as they create a tasty smoothie. We’re very excited that two schools will be paid a visit from one of our key British suppliers and major yoghurt brand, Yeo Valley. They will engage in a yoghurt ‘bake-off’, using the pots specially sized to meet nutritional school food standards, which are available for dessert in all our primary and secondary schools.

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