Give it a new life during European Week for Waste Reduction

If you’re finding yourself spending more as you start to shop for Christmas, or making the most of the discount deals that have become increasingly common in recent years, why not save some money through reuse and repair?

Nov 24 2017

Woman painting

Buying second-hand is a great way to save money and give something that would have otherwise been thrown away a new life. Charities can be fantastic places to pick up unusual or individual pieces of furniture or furnishings at reasonable prices. Often the furniture will be of a much higher quality than buying something new for a similar price or a more distinctive style compared to high street shops.

You can even get creative and repaint or reupholster your second-hand finds to match your existing colour scheme. The Reuse and Repair toolkit from our Smart Living initiative has loads of projects to inspire you, including some ideas for thoughtful handmade Christmas gifts. There is also a wealth of ideas for upcycling online, and we’ve put together a brief introductory guide to spark your interest.

If you’re making space for visitors this Christmas, now’s the time to have a declutter and donate any items you no longer want, as well as making space for your new festive purchases. There are a number of charities around Hampshire who will take your unwanted items.  As well as doing your bit to reduce waste, passing on furniture, clothes or other household bits and pieces to charities can help your local community, especially those in need, to buy items at an affordable price.

Smart Living hosts an online Directory which lists local reuse or repair organisations. It’s an easy to use tool to help you give your unwanted items a new life. You can use the Directory to search by the type of item you want to donate, or by postcode to find charities near to you.

The Smart Living team has a number of new projects to encourage reuse and repair. Look out for Smart Living on twitter or Facebook.