Residential Retrofit

Homes in Hampshire contribute 24% of our total carbon emissions. Tackling this requires a coordinated effort from all of us. As well as taking steps as individuals and organisations, we will make the biggest impact when we work together. Hampshire County Council is working with experts Parity Projects to develop a long-term, partnership-based retrofit scheme that will lower our residential emissions and energy bills.

The Scheme

Research shows that there is a market for retrofit in Hampshire, but many residents don’t know where to start, who to trust, or how to coordinate work. We are working with stakeholders from across the county to create a scheme that will empower community advocates and a broad range of delivery partners to overcome these barriers, while ensuring residents feel the wider impacts and benefits of retrofit.

Will you join us?

Based on extensive local stakeholder engagement and a financial model already successfully implemented in Oxfordshire, Parity Projects and the County Council have produced a business case that can deliver retrofit and generate an income that would allow it to be self-sustaining without the need for continued public funding.

Our skills team is working with The Retrofit Academy, local colleges, and training providers to educate the workforce required to deliver retrofit at the scale needed. We will link to their webpage when it is ready.

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