Free Road Safety Leaflets

Various road safety information leaflets available free from Hampshire County Councils Road Safety Office.

NB: Multiple copies of leaflets and literature are only available to Hampshire County residents. Residents outside of Hampshire will receive one copy only except where stated.


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A Highway Code for Mobility Scooter Users
A Highway Code for Mobility Scooter Users.

Available only to Hampshire residents

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Don't Drug Drive
Department of Transport Leaflet on drug driving.

Only available to Hampshire residents.

Driver Skills Scheme 60+ Leaflet
Information leaflet outlining what the Older Driver Appraisal's scheme is, who it's for, why we offer it, and how it can benefit older drivers, includes booking details.

Driving Safely for Life
A guide on keeping safe and driving for as long as possible.

For Hampshire residents.

How much will your next round cost?
This leaflet tackles the problems of drink driving.

Only available to Hampshire residents.

Routes to motorcycling
Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) to licence acquisition and beyond

The Good Egg Guide In Car Safety
*Available to Hampshire residents ONLY.
** ONE copy per household.

An excellent tool for parents and carers, designed to ensure that all children are restrained correctly when travelling in a vehicle. It offers good sound practical advice about buying, choosing and fitting the right car seat.

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The Older Persons Guide to Road Safety
*Available to Hampshire residents ONLY*
ONE copy per household.

Part of the Good Egg Guide series, aimed at older drivers and pedestrians, packed full of valuable information and advice to help reduce the risk of injury when out and about.

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The Road back to ...
Leaflet warning new drivers about the dangers of incurring six penalty points on their licence.

Only available to Hampshire residents.

Think! Keep left
Advice to foreign drivers (in Britain).

Only available to Hampshire residents.

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