Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS)

EMTAS is able to offer a range of support packages to develop and enhance inclusive practice in schools and settings. We have expertise in providing guidance and support in relation to various aspects of cultural and linguistic diversity. We can help your staff to work more effectively with BME and Traveller children and their families so that barriers to engagement and learning are removed, wherever these exist.


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EMTAS - Support - Dual-language story telling/ Persona doll session

These sessions are very successful at developing cultural awareness within the setting. They support the engagement of ethnic minority children including Travellers by raising self esteem. Sessions are planned jointly with participants in order to build capacity. It is also an ideal opportunity to further engage parents/carers and develop relationships.

Price: £300.00

EMTAS Team - Support - Event aimed at supporting parents

These events, akin to a coffee morning, are a successful way of engaging with ethnic minority parents including Travellers. They provide an ideal opportunity to impart key information about provision in the Early Years, including the importance of continuing to use first language at home. They also offer parents and carers a context in which they are empowered to ask questions.

Price: £300.00

EMTAS Team - Support - Observation, assessment, planning and feedback for inclusive setting

An EMTAS specialist member of staff will make a visit to review current provision and give bespoke advice on how to develop a more inclusive setting. They will make a learning walk in conjunction with the lead member of staff and offer advice how the setting can become more culturally inclusive. They will support with planning resources and activities which reflect the cultural and linguistic diversity of the children and families in the setting.

Price: £300.00

EMTAS Team - Support - Yearly subscription to the EMTAS resource library.

Access to specialist resources including a variety of Persona Dolls, dual-language books, talking dictionaries and talking dual-language stories. Also included in the package is access to all the EMTAS language phone lines and the EMTAS Traveller phone line, providing specialist advice on the phone. SEN/EAL support to distinguish the difference between SEN and EAL support needs should be accessed through your area INCo.

Price: £100.00