07. Flora Twort: A Petersfield Artist

07. Flora Twort: A Petersfield Artist
Hampshire Papers 7: Flora Twort: A Petersfield Artist
by Alice Munro-Faure (1995)

Flora Twort is best remembered as a Petersfield artist. She lived in the town from c.1917 until her death in 1985 and throughout her long and prolific career built up a fine collection of figure sketches and watercolours of the town and its people. Her work had an obvious local appeal and she exhibited regularly in Petersfield. However her paintings and sketches were also appreciated by a wider audience. She exhibited 14 watercolours at the Royal Academy between 1927 and 1950 and staged a one-woman show at the Gieves Gallery, London, in 1931. Although she never sought public acclaim she won the respect and admiration of friends, patrons and leading art critics of the day. This paper is the first major study of Flora Twort's life and work. It describes her training and early career in London, her life in Petersfield from the end of the First World War until her death, and her friendships with Dr Harry Roberts and his circle, with artist Stanley Spencer, and with novelist Nevil Shute. The paper also examines Flora Twort's work, her techniques and the subjects she portrayed: scenes of children, town life, gypsies and the Taro Horse Fair, and her numerous commissioned portraits. It concludes with a critique of her work through the eyes of her contemporaries. The paper is illustrated throughout with examples of the artist's work.

Physical description 295mm x 210mm; softback; 24 pages.
Published in 2001by Hampshire County Council.

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