Piston Aero-Engines of the Great War

Piston Aero-Engines of the Great War

This 2-disk CD-Rom set comprises an amazing collection of original aero engine manuals and reports, some not published for over 50 years, from the combat aircraft that flew in the Great War and just after - British, French, German, Italian and Austrian.

The 22 documents (in pdf) give detailed engineering drawings, photographs, performance data and maintenance instructions - all in English - on some of the captured German aero engines such as the Mercedes and BMW, and on famous Allied engines such as the Hispano-Suiza and RAF Engine Types.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Shirley Knott
    Received a copy of this offering a few days ago. It consists of a well packaged set of two CDs - the first has TEN items pertaining to British aero-engines; the second has TWELVE dealing with German motors.
    Interestingly, no rotary engines get a look in.
    The reproduction of the material is very well done. It has been duplicated using a camera rather than a scanner so the results are almost up to photocopy standard. Also, it apears that some of the manuals have been taken apart so that the pages can be set flat for processing which adds to the clarity.
    In a couple of the items, the pages are out of sequence but they are all in there somewhere!
    Well worth having, in my opinion.
  • Author: MichaelEmons
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