Early Years Advisory Team - Support - Overview 'health check' of the provision for the EYFS

Early Years Advisory Team - Support - Overview 'health check' of the provision for the EYFS

Early Years Advisory Team - Support - Overview 'health check' of the provision for the EYFS

This support visit will focus on an overview of provision and practice in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The advisor will provide the practitioners with suggestions for area in need of development and where appropriate give the practitioners examples and resources to show best practice.  

By the end of the training/support participants will

(a) have a clear idea of the areas in need of development

(b) have discussed each area and highlighted possibly challenges and barriers then possible steps to overcome them

(c) be given a range of resources to enhance and support the development of the specific area 

The recommended minimum for this course is 1/2 day support.

Services for Young Children believe that Professional Options can enhance provider’s opportunity to improve outcomes for children. We also believe that our pricing structure will enable providers to purchase training and support at times of need (e.g. prior to/after an Ofsted Inspection).

It is recommended that Early Years providers may wish to join together in order to share the cost and achieve viable/maximum numbers e.g. half day support for 20 participants will cost £15 per person (not including venue/refreshments).




 Exclusive of venue/refreshments         

A half day support (3 hours) (maximum 20)


A full day support (6 hours) (maximum 20)


Additional hours

  £100 per hour

Summary Report


If you would like more than 20 practioners to attend, please discuss your requirements with the respective subject area team contact before booking.

Additional Information regarding cost: Venue/refreshments to be organised and all costs met by setting/school purchasing the training. Quoted prices include course preparation and travel.

Please select your required training session below. You must also ensure that you complete all the fields below as any omissions could delay the booking.

Additional hours

If you require an additional follow up session of one or two hours to support the training or support you have recently received. Please use the drop down option to select and purchase the required time.

Summary Report

Use this option if you require a summary report following a support session that has been delivered. However to ensure that the report is accurate and reflects your establishments current practice the purchase will need to be made as soon as the session has been delivered or within the following 10 working days.

N.B. We are unable to write reports unless they are purchased within 10 working days of the support/training being received/delivered. 

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