Drawing for Wellness - Online course - Wednesday 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th June and 7th July 2021

Drawing for Wellness - Online course - Wednesday 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th June and 7th July 2021

Drawing for Wellness

Online course

Wednesday 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th June and 7th July 2021

10.00am to 12.00pm

This is a free online course using Zoom. Participants will be required to use Zoom.

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An introduction to drawing with a range of media and techniques.

  • Create at least five different types of mark using at least two different tools
  • Apply shade to an area of a shape using the cross hatch shading technique to create a form
  • Create several sketch studies and at least two in depth drawings applying the elements and principles of art and design learnt throughout the course
  • Describe how mark making can improve your mental health

Who is the course for: Individuals looking to develop their creative skills to improve their wellbeing

Previous knowledge/experience required: None required except lots of enthusiasm, willingness to learn and a desire to have fun. This is a very loose style of drawing and so very suitable for beginners.

How will I learn: This is a relaxing and friendly course with step by step demonstrations.  You will be gently guided through different drawing activities. You will be encouraged to ignore any past thoughts (I can't draw) not to worry about the future (what will it look like) but to concentrate on the moment in time. Each week will focus on specific elements used within art with a different subject.

Session 1: Line and value - Exploring mark making, creating your own visual language with various media. Subject is abstract.

Session 2: Pattern and texture – Exploring, mindful doodling and creating irregular or repeated patterns like those used in surface design eg: wallpaper, textiles. Subject is natural forms, pictures will be provided.

Session 3: Shape, colour and space - Drawing with scissors. Exploration of collage inspired by the artist Matisse.

Session 4. Scale and form – Using previously learnt drawing techniques you will apply these in your drawing. Still life eg: fruit or flowers a picture will be provided.

Session 5: Composition – Mixing different media, to create a picture. You will pull all the elements together by considering composition– Subject is landscape a picture will be provided but also imaginary.

How will I be assessed: Through observation, questioning, discussion and peer/self-evaluation.

You will need: An A5 or A4 sketchbook or loose A4 paper you can make into a sketch book with an elastic band. Coloured paper or old magazines for collage. Graphite pencils a variety within the H to 8B range. Coloured pencils. A variety of pens these are some suggestions – Fine liner (few sizes), felt tip, paint, ink/fountain, biro, dip pen and in. Flat brush. Round brushes a few varied between sizes 1 to 14. Teabag and coffee granules to make a natural stain. Clean sticks. Charcoal, chalk and putty rubber. Water pot. Optional is a watercolour pan set, crayons and pastels. Your tutor will advise prior to the session what you will need for that day.

Progression routes from this course: Other art and craft workshops or courses.

Participants will be required to download and use Zoom. No account is required
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This course is aimed at Hampshire residents aged 19+ Attendance is expected at each session to ensure that you get the most out of your learning experience and to minimise disruption for other learners. Please advise the venue/tutor of any absence you may have.

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