Expressive Landscapes in Mixed Media - Online course - Monday 21st, 28th June and 5th July 2021

Expressive Landscapes in Mixed Media - Online course - Monday 21st, 28th June and 5th July 2021

Expressive Landscapes in Mixed Media

Online course

Monday 21st, 28th June and 5th July 2021

10.00am to 12.00pm

Participants will be required to use Zoom.

An introduction to combining media in an expressive style.

  • Create a monochromatic landscape with at least two different media
  • Explain how background, middle ground and foreground can be achieved in a landscape painting to create depth/space
  • Apply the sgraffito, embossing and vignette methods to sketches of a landscape

Who is the course for: Beginners and improvers. Individuals looking to develop their creative skills using various media, over three informal fun sessions.

Previous knowledge/experience required: Some art knowledge either current or previous would be advantageous but not essential. What is required is lots of enthusiasm, willingness to learn and a desire to have fun. This is a very loose style of painting and so very suitable for beginners and for improvers wanting to let loose.

How will I learn: This is a relaxing and friendly course with step by step demonstrations.  You will be gently guided through different painting activities to develop painting techniques, starting at the basics. Each week will focus on specific elements used within art and the principles of design to help understand how to build an expressive landscape painting. There will be lots of playing with media and working on small sketches rather than focusing on a final outcome.

Session 1: Texture, Line, value, colour – Experimenting with media, mark making and creating implied texture. Explore a variety of painting and drawing technique activities.

Session 2: Value and space – Choosing composition and colour theories and practicing background, middle ground and foreground, starting with a monochromatic and vignette landscape.

Session 3: Line, colour, value, emphasis, balance – Work on a couple of small expressive landscapes, some initial references will be provided but explore imaginary too or use own reference of a landscape.

How will I be assessed: Through observation, questioning, discussion and peer/self-evaluation.

Some ideas of what you’ll need a variety is good: Watercolour paper (Cold Pressed) 140lb in either a A4 or A5 pad or block or loose sheets. Range of pencils like HB, 2B, 6B. Rubber. A variety of pens these are some suggestions – Fine liner (few sizes), felt tip, paint, ink/fountain, biro, dip pen. Flat and round brushes Small and medium sizes. Teabag and coffee granules to make a natural stain. Cocktail stick or stick or embossing tool. Charcoal. Water pot x 2. Kitchen roll. Sponge. Watercolour pan set or palette with tubes with at least Ultramarine blue, Crimson red, Cadmium red, Lemon yellow and a Brown like Burnt umber. Cling film. Wax like a tealight. Old toothbrush. Card or old credit card. Palette knife or old butter knife.

Optional media are masking fluid, inks, fluid acrylics, acrylics, gouache, crayons, tissue paper, collage materials, coloured pencils and pastels.

Progression routes from this course: Other art and craft workshops or courses.

Participants will be required to download and use Zoom. No account is required
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