Bitesize recorded training courses

Bitesize recorded training courses

Personal, Social and Emotional bitesize training

We all know that PSED is key to a child’s healthy development. We have devised a selection of bitesize training modules for all practitioners that will deepen their understanding and give them the opportunity to reflect on how they can effectively support children so that they are emotionally healthy and ready to learn.

Each module focuses on a different aspect of PSED and shares lots of practical ideas and strategies to support your practice and provision. The training can be viewed by individual practitioners or used as part of a staff meeting to support staff professional development. Access via the SfYC Moodle site.

Please note- E-learning licences and Moodle access will be issued within 7 days from purchase.

1.The role of the adult in supporting children’s emotional wellbeing

2. creating an environment to support self-regulation

3. Building a positive self-image

4. The importance of being outdoors

5. Developing self-efficacy

6. Coaching for perseverance

7. Supporting children’s social skills

8. Supporting parents to develop a good emotional environment at home

9. Developing children’s concentration

10. Executive function

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