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CCSO Team - Support - Annual Conversation Review

This will be an extended two day interactive discussion with leaders of children’s centres to review the outcome of their annual conversation or to undertake the annual conversation on behalf of out of county children’s centre commissioners or providers. This will include a review of key data (KPIs, profile reports for example) and support documents such as the SEF, Service plan and Needs Assessment.

Price: £1200.00

CCSO Team - Support - Ofsted readiness

This is a one day session aimed at leaders of centres to support them in preparing for an Ofsted inspection. The session will include a thorough review of the centres own SEF, Needs Assessment, Service Plan, key policies, data, case files and Ofsted evidence documentation. The follow up half day session is recommended as part of this but is not compulsory.


Price: £600.00

CCSO Team - Support following a Ofsted Inspection

This is a half day session aimed at providing support and guidance following an Ofsted inspection this includes an assessment of the outcomes of that inspection and guidance with writing an Ofsted action plan. 


Price: £300.00

CCSO Team - Training - Making effective use of data

This is a half day session to support centres to understand and use data such as, IMD , IDACI, Early Years Health Profiles, Census, that will in turn enable a better understanding of the demographics and needs of the locality.


Price: £300.00

CCSO Team - Training - Personal Safety Training

This will be an interactive course designed to enable staff to identify practical solutions to Personal Safety issues and problems which may arise in the course of their work.  While planning can reduce or eliminate many risks, participants will also be able to build on the skills they already use to avoid or defuse potentially violent and aggressive situations. But even the best of plans and skills cannot dispense with risks altogether. For that reason the course will cover exit strategies and explore how colleagues can best support each other after an incident.

Price: £300.00

CCSO Team - Training - Preparing your Children’s Centre for Ofsted

This is a half day session aimed at centre leaders and staff to support them to prepare for a forthcoming Ofsted inspection (based on the current framework requirements).




Price: £300.00

CCSO Team - Training - Writing your Children’s Centre SEF and Service plan

This is a half day support package aimed at offering guidance about how to write a SEF and Service Plan that meets with current Ofsted requirements and supports centre leaders to prepare for an inspection.



Price: £300.00

CD-ROM of Wellow Album
CD-ROM of 109 beautiful Victorian illustrations of Wellow, showing everyday life in a in typical mid-nineteenth century Hampshire village.

Price: £26.00

CD-ROMs of tithe maps

Digital copies on CD-ROM of tithe maps and accompanying awards, dated c1840, for a selection of Hampshire parishes

Price: £25.00
including VAT

CDBO Team - Support - Bespoke Business Support

Bespoke business support is a service that will be of interest to all settings, their management teams, committees or owners and is intended for individual settings. This service will support your setting with guidance to enable you to effectively reflect on your business processes on topics agreed with you from the selection below. We will assist you in scrutinising existing polices, procedures and practice to help identify areas for improvement through challenge and reflection on practice. 

Price: £300.00