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Dress-making - Mixed Ability at Fleet library - Tuesdays 1st to 29th November 2016

An opportunity to learn how to use a basic pattern to produce a simple garment. Learners will work with different levels and techniques of sewing, like hand or machine sewing.

Price: £50.00

Driver Skills Scheme 60+ Appraisal
A confidential and enjoyable appraisal of driving skills for older motorists. It takes around 90 minutes and is delivered from your own home, using your own car. This appraisal is for Hampshire residents only.

Price: £35.00

Driver Skills Scheme 60+ Leaflet
Information leaflet outlining what the Older Driver Appraisal's scheme is, who it's for, why we offer it, and how it can benefit older drivers, includes booking details.

Driver Training
Driver Training is a full days course covering driver attitude/behaviour, observation/hazard perception and defensive driving techniques.

This is available for Hampshire based businesses only.

Price: £240.00

Driving Safely for Life
A guide on keeping safe and driving for as long as possible.

For Hampshire residents.