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Early Cinemas in Hampshire: A Review
A beautiful book, packed with colour and b/w illustrations detailing the history of Hampshire cinemas (excluding Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Southampton) from their earliest days in the 1890s through to the 1960s.

Price: £2.00

Early Years Advisory Team - Creating effective learning environments (Early Years Foundation Stage)

From outstanding continuous provision to enhancements and personalised learning this training unpicks elements to creating your own effective learning environment. The secrets to irresistible  learning is explained by a photographic journey through the learning environment  both inside and out.

Price: £300.00

Early Years Advisory Team - Delivery of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Our aim is to raise achievement and support the well-being of young children within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). We provide training on all areas of Learning and Development within the EYFS. We are particularly experienced in working with schools and settings at risk of poor outcomes, supporting vulnerable groups and where children have been identified as making poor progress.

Price: £300.00

Early Years Advisory Team - Developing phonics and writing (Early Years Foundation Stage)

This training can focus on many elements of writing development and how to support children, the focus is depending on the requirements. It can focus on inspiring boys to mark marks and motivation for writing. It can focus on ensuring the learning environment supports pre-literacy, emergent writing and sophisticated writers. It can focus on supporting pre-phonics in the learning environment or developing phonics and writing skills in the EYFS. It can focus on supporting parents with supporting writing with their children or practical ideas for supporting writing in the learning environment. 

Price: £300.00

Early Years Advisory Team - EYFS Data Analysis

This training session looks at the variety of ways children’s progress data can be analysed by the key person, room leader and manager of a setting to improve outcomes for their children. In line with Ofsted expectations, it will suggest ways to examine if progress is appropriate for individuals and groups of children and how the analysis can be used to support planning and provision.  

Price: £300.00

Early Years Advisory Team - EYPP - Data analysis (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Early Years Pupil Premium - An opportunity for senior staff/committee members to look at data collected by the setting in order to show positive trends in children’s development and identify areas of practice that need improvement.  The session will also help Owners, Chair persons, Managers to share their collected data with parents and Ofsted as evidence of using EYPP.  

Price: £300.00

Early Years Advisory Team - EYPP - Developing children's resilience (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Early Years Pupil Premium - An opportunity for practitioners to understand that resilience is what young children need in order to cope with the challenges they face daily at home and within the setting. Many children develop resilience with minimal intervention/support but others need adults to help them develop this. The session will consider how settings empower children to make their own decisions, recognise when children have done something well, builds a sense of security and creates an opportunity for each child to contribute in a specific way.

Price: £300.00

Early Years Advisory Team - EYPP - Home learning environment (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Early Years Pupil Premium - This session will provide an opportunity to identify what may need to be done to foster an improvement in a child’s home environment. The session is flexible and can be structured to meet the needs of individual settings or groups of settings. Areas likely to be covered are Resources (what currently exists, expectation for parents who use them, extension activities) and Staff responsibilities (lead contact, recording borrowing, baseline and tracking).

Price: £300.00

Early Years Advisory Team - EYPP - Supporting children's physical development (EYFS)

Early Years Pupil Premium - An opportunity for practitioners to confirm their understanding of how children develop physical skills and to consider what additional activities can promote physical development within the setting. Provision of large and small motor activities, risk assessments and involvement of parents/carers will be identified and explored during the session. 

Price: £300.00

Early Years Advisory Team - EYPP - Supporting speech and language development (EYFS)

Early Years Pupil Premium - All children need positive activities and experiences to enable them to develop the speech and language skills they need. This session will provide time to reflect on setting/individual current practice and identify possible areas of development e.g. setting up their environment, expectations of children’s language development and how parents/carers are included. 

Price: £300.00