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Hampshire Enterprise Circle Annual Membership

If you are in business in Hampshire and are passionate about the county then why not become a member of the Hampshire Enterprise Circle.

Price: £60.00
including VAT

Havant Miscellany: An Illustrated Talk with Photographer Mike Edwards - Tuesday 9th August 2016

An illustrated talk with photographer Mike Edwards, looking at some of the earlier pictures of the local area from his collections.

Price: £5.00
including VAT

His Majesty's Monitor M33, 1915-2001
Ian Buxton's history of this important vessel, including its role at Gallipoli and in Russia and its life after the First World War. Includes archival photographs and maps.

Price: £2.00

How much will your next round cost?
This leaflet tackles the problems of drink driving.

Only available to Hampshire residents.

How to Get Published - Saturday 2nd July 2016

Alysoun Owen, editor of the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook, the best-selling guide to publishing, offers practical advice on how to get published. 

Price: £5.00

How to Make a Small Needle Felted Sheep at Elson Library - Tuesday 21st June 2016

Join us in a relaxing workshop where you will create a beautiful small needle felted sheep to take home.

Price: £12.00

How to Make Self-Employment Work for You at Fareham Library - Tuesdays 14th and 21st June 2016

To learn the methods and procedures necessary to make a success of Self-Employment. 


Out of stock

How to use a Puffin Crossing
Information and advice for pedestrians on crossing the road safely at a puffin crossing.

Only available to Hampshire residents.

How you can help Honeybees? - Tuesday 2nd August 2016

In this talk a local beekeeper will explain how the nectar and pollen bees collect is used in the beehive. All children will receive a free packet of “bee friendly” seed. 

Price: £3.00