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Hedgehogs & Flamingos are Out! at Basingstoke Discovery Centre - Tuesday 17th November 2015

Croquet is a much misunderstood game – largely thanks to Lewis Carroll! In this session, Ian Harrison will talk about the development of croquet, the joys of playing the game and how you can play in Basingstoke.

Price: £3.00

Hidden Basingstoke Walk at Basingstoke Discovery Centre - Monday 28th September 2015

In a gentle walk around the top of town, discover hidden architectural features and the stories that they tell. Join Phil Howe of Hidden Britain Tours and John Hopkins, a keen observer of architectural history, and see parts of the town that are often overlooked but a local treasures. Meet at the Information Desk and please dress for the weather.

Price: £5.00

His Majesty's Monitor M33, 1915-2001
Ian Buxton's history of this important vessel, including its role at Gallipoli and in Russia and its life after the First World War. Includes archival photographs and maps.

Price: £2.00

How much will your next round cost?
This leaflet tackles the problems of drink driving.

Only available to Hampshire residents.

How to enjoy your Winter Garden - Winter Lecture Lunch - Thursday 19th November 2015

How to enjoy your Winter Garden, Winter Lecture Lunch with Mark Porter.

Price: £22.50
including VAT

How to Make a Felt Postcard Workshop at Totton Library - Wednesday 23rd to 30th September 2015

Spend a relaxing time creating a fabulous felt postcard on the theme of my summer holiday.

Price: £24.00

How to Make Self-Employment Work for You at Gosport Discovery Centre - Mondays 21st and 28th September 2015

To learn the methods and procedures necessary to make a success of Self-Employment.

How to use a Puffin Crossing
Information and advice for pedestrians on crossing the road safely at a puffin crossing.

Only available to Hampshire residents.