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ICT for Work at Havant library - Fridays 22nd April to 13th May 2016

Learn about information and communication technologies (ICT) for work situations. Gain basic computing skills to help you in the work place. This course is aimed at beginners. No previous experience is required.

ICT for Work at Waterlooville Library - Thursdays 5th May to 26th May 2016

Learn about information and communication technologies (ICT) for work situations. Gain basic computing skills to help you in the work place. 

INCLUSION Team - Support - Developing and Implementing a SEND policy

This half day session looks at developing your SEND policy so that it reflects the ethos of your setting as well as the latest government legislation, including SEND Code of Practice 2014. Your staff and setting’s approach to special education needs and disabilities, inclusion, equality of opportunity, cultural and family diversity and transition will all be developed and will enhance future policy writing. 

Price: £300.00

INCLUSION Team - Support - Empowering SENCo’s

An opportunity to look at how a SENCo can be empowered. Giving the SENCo the confidence and competence to ensure that outcomes are improved for all children with SEND in your setting. The session will look at managing the key person role, working with outside agencies, having those difficult conversations and transition with schools. This session would be ideal for new SENCos waiting to attend SENCo Induction training.

Price: £300.00

INCLUSION Team - Support - Implementing support strategies

All children benefit from being in a visually clear environment, children with poor communication skills, English as an additional language, challenging behaviour and so on. Makaton signs and symbols, visual timetables, Social Stories, behaviour plans and other strategies are included in this half day session. 

Price: £300.00

INCLUSION Team - Support - Implementing the SEND Code of Practice

An opportunity to look more closely at the 2014 SEND Code of Practice 0-25 yrs statutory guidance document, with a particular focus on Chapter 5. To learn about the implications for early years providers and how it links closely to the EYFS.

Price: £300.00

INCLUSION Team - Support - Meeting the additional needs of individual or groups of children.

As for all children, observation is the key to effective assessment, planning and reviewing for children with additional needs or disabilities. In order to plan appropriately, practitioners in the Early Years need to create the right conditions for every child to be able to learn. Learn how to identify and then meet childrens individual needs, find their learning styles and follow  their interests both in group and as individuals.

Price: £300.00

INCLUSION Team - Support - Tracking progress and identifying next steps

An opportunity to look closely at ways of tracking the progress of children with additional needs in the early years. Focussing on identifying the child’s developmental stage, the next steps in development and exploring ways to break next steps into small achievable goals. Session will include task analysis, backward and forward chaining and other useful approaches.

Price: £300.00

Inclusion Team - Training - Attachment Training Course

This course introduces the key concepts of attachment theory and emotional attachment. It enables practitioners to reflect on the effectiveness of their environment and practice in enabling individual children's emotional and developmental needs to be met.

Price: £600.00

Inclusion Team - Training - Autism Training Course

This half day course has been developed as part of Hampshire's Autism Strategy to raise awareness and understanding of autism in the wider workforce. It is aimed at all early years practitioners and aims to develop their understanding of autism and the way it affects children in early years settings. 

Price: £300.00