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King Arthur or Round Table Iron-in Badges

Two designs of iron-in badges, with the design of King Arthur or the Round Table.

Price: £2.00
including VAT

King Arthur Pitkin Guide (English, German, French)

30 page soft cover book containing information about King Arthur from a mythological and historical perspective. Available in English, French and German.

Price: £6.00
including VAT

King Arthurís Round Table: An Archaeological Investigation by Martin Biddle

Learn more about the scientific investigation of ‘King Arthur’s Round Table’ led by archaeologist Martin Biddle. This book provides an in depth analysis of the famous artefact held at the Great Hall.

Price: £18.50
including VAT

Knightology book

Hard cover interactive book containing information about knights, myths and legends.

Price: £19.99
including VAT

Knitting for Wellbeing at Fareham Library - Fridays 1st February to 1st March 2019

An introduction to the basic skills of the traditional craft of knitting to help aid your health and feelings of wellbeing.

Know your limits speed sticker for vehicles NOT exceeding 7.5 tones

Know your limits speed sticker for vehicles NOT exceeding 7.5 tones.  For Hampshire Businesses only.

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