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The Older Persons Guide to Road Safety
*Available to Hampshire residents ONLY*
ONE copy per household.

Part of the Good Egg Guide series, aimed at older drivers and pedestrians, packed full of valuable information and advice to help reduce the risk of injury when out and about.

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The Road back to ...
Leaflet warning new drivers about the dangers of incurring six penalty points on their licence.

Only available to Hampshire residents.

The Secret Life of Plants Art Workshop - Sundays 8th Jan, 12th Feb, 12th Mar, 9th April, 14th May and Sat 10th June 2017

Improve your botanical illustration and gardening knowledge with this 6 week course. 

Price: £330.00

The Secrets of Successful Crime Writing with Pauline Rowson at Waterlooville Library - Friday 3rd February 2017

An afternoon with internationally acclaimed crime author Pauline Rowson.

Price: £4.00
including VAT

The Vikings Hands On History Workshops at Petersfield Library - Tuesday 21st February 2017

Interactive workshops with The Time Travelling Teacher.

Price: £4.00
including VAT

Think! Keep left
Advice to foreign drivers (in Britain).

Only available to Hampshire residents.

Threepenny Bit Ceilidh - Friday 3rd March 2017

Threepenny Bit Ceilidh - Friday 3rd March 2017  - 8.00pm - At Winchester Discovery Centre - Threepenny Bit Ceilidh

Price: £12.00

Tiredness Kills
An estimated 300 people per year are killed each year because a tired driver has fallen asleep at the wheel.

Only available to Hampshire residents.

Titchfield Haven - Annual Season Ticket

Become a member today and enjoy unlimited trips to Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve throughout the year, during opening hours.

Price: £40.00
including VAT

Titchfield Haven - Birds Day by Day

All illustrated collection of bird records and anecdotes from Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve.

Price: £7.95