Communication and Restrictive Practice

Presented by Adrian Clyne

1 day course

£35 per participant*

Course code: PACT8892



This course will support managers to understand the links between good communication and the use of restrictive practices when discussing safeguarding, choice/control and risk management.

This course will enable you to:

  • Explain the need to demonstrate empathy, taking into account the needs and feelings of others in your communication
  • Explain the importance of ‘active listening’ when relating to people who need care and support, carers, relatives, staff and other people with whom you work
  • Explain how different forms of communication can benefit the delivery of different types of information in different settings
  • Explain how communication can be made accessible for a range of different needs
  • Explain the importance of effective reporting and recording systems in supporting individuals to achieve positive outcomes
  • Explain how to meet an individual’s needs with dignity and respect in a way that minimises the risk of harm to the person being supported and the person implementing the intervention
  • Explain definitions of restraint and when it should be used, including the issues of ‘hidden restraint’
  • Identify potential situations where restraint might be used acknowledging that it should only be used only in proportion to the risk of harm and wherever possible should be a last resort

Presented by

Adrian Clyne

Adrian Clyne

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