Dementia and Behaviours that Challenge

Presented by The Dementia Training Company

2 day course

£70 per participant*

Course code: PACT3125

This two day course will explore why people with dementia might behave in ways which are viewed as challenging. You will explore the importance of life history and the uniqueness of the person, enabling you to develop positive relationships recognising that behaviour is a form of communication. You will explore up to date reporting and recording approaches in order to support each other, the person with dementia and their family. You will be supported to complete a brief e-learning exercise prior to attending and will be required to undertake some work place assignments during and after the programme.

This course will enable you to:

  • Recognise that behaviour is a form of communication
  • Recognise that behaviour is often an emotional response to an experience
  • Discuss the reasons behind the behaviour
  • Explore ways of observing, measuring and recording behaviours
  • Identify tools, care approaches, guidance and legislation that enable you to formulate positive person centred responses
  • Demonstrate positive relationships between colleagues, family members and individuals who are living with dementia
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